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Reflections on a Presidential Candidate

A Vietnam veteran from Brown County remembers a young officer named John Kerry. He tells of his impression of the now Democratic presidential hopeful’s leadership skills in the early days of his famed tour of duty, and he talks about actually hazing the young officer from Massachusetts.

Changes for Monroe County Schools

A special education work group is proposing a new way of teaching special ed students, and some new ways of organizing education for all students in county schools.

Iraqis at IU

The first Fulbright exchange students in more than a decade to come from Iraq to the U.S. are now on the IU campus. We visit with them about their hopes for their own education and the education of U.S. people about their country and how it’s changing.


IU braces for a budget battle at the statehouse next year; also, a look at a machine that simulates life and death situations for police officers.

What's the Deal?

Seeing how many falafel balls can be stuffed down in a short period of time.