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The Death of Felix Chen

We take a look at the case of the six year-old Monroe County boy who died in early April while under foster care. We speak with the lawyer for Chen’s mother about the case and the questions the mother has for the system. We also examine questions surrounding the facts and ultimate responsibility in the matter. Related links:

The Cicada Invasion

Indiana University and Purdue experts in entomology discuss the coming bug-out. The Brood X cicada appears only every 17 years, and only in certain parts of the United States. Literally trillions of the bugs will come from holes in the ground, shed an exoskeleton, burrow into tree limbs, lay their eggs, and die over a period of two months. Indiana is the only state where cicadas are predicted to emerge in every part of the state. Southern Indiana will see the largest concentration. The scientists discuss what the cicadas will do and why you shouldn’t be nervous about trillions of bugs coming from underground. Related links:

Conversation: Admiral William Crowe

The man appointed by President Reagan who campaigned for President Clinton is highly critical of President Bush. Crowe visited Indiana University to speak about the Iraq war. He speaks about comparisons to the Vietnam conflict—where Crowe served, his problems with Donald Rumsfeld, and his notable role on a television sitcom. Related links:


An update on a couple of stories from past WTIU Reports programs—the latest on the investigation into criminal charges for officers in the case of Bedford man who died while being booked into the Monroe County jail; and the Jackson County commission awaits legal word on how to proceed in the issue surround the Rumpke Medora landfill.

What's the Deal?

Two guys, one booth at Denny’s, a whole lot of fried foods over 72 hours in a row. Why they stayed put at a Terre Haute restaurant for three straight days.