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Brown County Water

Many creeks in Brown county are showing very high E.Coli counts, likely the result of direct sewage discharge into the water. We examine the problem and its potential larger issues, since those creeks flow into Lake Lemon and Lake Monroe.

Reflections on a Presidential Candidate

A Vietnam veteran from Brown County remembers a young officer named John Kerry. He tells of his impression of the now Democratic presidential hopeful’s leadership skills in the early days of his famed tour of duty, and he talks about actually hazing the young officer from Massachusetts. (originally aired March 2004)

Iraqis at IU

The first Fulbright exchange students in more than a decade to come from Iraq to the U.S. are now on the IU campus. We visit with them about their hopes for their own education and the education of U.S. people about their country and how it’s changing. (originally aired March 2004)

A Visit with Mark Cuban

The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team speaks about starting his first business in Bloomington and his new ABC-TV reality show. Plus, why he thinks IU basketball coach Mike Davis is doing a good job. (originally aired April 2004)

What's the Deal?

We head to the head of heads; why some bathrooms in Bloomington can truly be considered “throne rooms.” (originally aired November ‘03)