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The Death of Felix Chen

We take a look at the case of the six year-old Monroe County boy who died in early April while under foster care. We speak with the lawyer for Chen’s mother about the case and the questions the mother has for the system. We also examine questions surrounding the facts and ultimate responsibility in the matter. (originally aired May 2004) Related links:

“Militant Islam” and College Campuses

A controversial scholar nominated to the U.S. Peace Institute by President Bush comes to campus and accuses Middle Eastern and Near Eastern Studies programs, as well as the Muslim Student Association, of promoting terrorism. Our cameras captured heated exchanges between the scholar and IU students and professors. We speak to them about the scholar’s claims. (originally aired December 2003)

Conversation: Rebecca McKinnon

Former CNN Beijing and Tokyo bureau chief Rebecca McKinnon visits about her view of the problems in North Korea, the issues surrounding international television news reporting, and how journalism is changing in the internet age. (originally aired April 2004)

What’s the Deal?

A house built from straw bales. (originally aired April 2004)