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Medora Landfill

The continuing saga of Rumpke’s Medora Landfill in Jackson County. Opponents halted a move to expand the facility last year. Now as the company prepares to go before the county zoning board once again, a Rumpke employee is accusing the company of ignoring its own safety rules for dumping at the landfill. The employee tells WTIU Reports the landfill is allowing unknown substances to go into the landfill. Rumpke answers the charges and talks about recent testing on runoff water from the landfill.

Brown County Water

Many creeks in Brown county are showing very high E.Coli counts, likely the result of direct sewage discharge into the water. We examine the problem and its potential larger issues, since those creeks flow into Lake Lemon and Lake Monroe. (originally aired June 2004)

Conversation: Admiral William Crowe

Retired Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral William Crowe. The man appointed by President Reagan who campaigned for President Clinton is highly critical of President Bush. Crowe visited Indiana University to speak about the Iraq war. He speaks about comparisons to the Vietnam conflict—where Crowe served, his problems with Donald Rumsfeld, and his notable role on a television sitcom. (originally aired May 2004) Related links:


Updating a story on ideas to spur the Greene County Economy—there’s good news for an old plant; and after a WTIU Reports story on IU’s Lost and Found, an employee loses her job.

What’s the Deal?

A visit to the Monroe County Fair to determine how much free stuff someone can gather in a short period of time.