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Conversation: Cheryl Sullivan

The head of Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) comes to Bloomington for a meeting about child abuse issues. We sit down for an interview with FSSA Secretary Cheryl Sullivan and ask about the issues in the wake of the death of a Monroe County child in foster care, and the criminal case of a woman accused of abusing thirteen foster children living in her Bloomington home. Related links:

A War on Weeds

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources beginsits first planned attack on invasive plants at Bloomington’s Griffy Lake. A plant someone likely dumped from an aquarium into the water is taking over, with potentially dire consequences. Local and state authorities are trying to make sure it doesn’t move from there to Lake Monroe, the source of Blomington’s drinking water. Related links:


Includes a look at the filming of a documentary on famed and controversial IU sex researcher Alfred Kinsey; a visit with a Bloomington South student who wants an election education; and a follow-up on last month’s story regarding the Medora Landfill in Jackson County.

What’s the Deal?

A new business launched by a Columbus man seeks to use farmland for ad space. Related link: