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Julie Rea Harper

She’s an IU Ph.D. candidate now working on her dissertation while defending herself a second time on charges that she killed her own son. Harper was convicted by an Illinois court for killing her 10 year-old son in 1997 in Lawrenceville, Illinois. The Illinois Court of Appeals threw out the conviction and sent the case back to the district court for another trial. Meanwhile, a Texas death row inmate has told some that he killed Harper’s son. Harper has numerous supporters in Bloomington, including the professor continuing to work with her on her dissertation, and former colleagues and students. We speak with them and visit with the attorneys trying to defend Harper and those seeking another conviction.

Conversation: Clarence Page

We speak with the Chicago Tribune columnist during his visit to campus. Page is a frequent contributor to The Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS.

What's the Deal?

A Bloomington woman who offers relaxation to horses and dogs. We take a look at animal massage therapy.