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Our Town: Bedford, Indiana

Part of the downtown area of Bedford, IndianaNo one knows a community better than the people who live there. That’s why WTIU producers met with residents of Bedford last fall to learn what makes this town unique. This month, WTIU proudly presents the next installment in our series of local specials showcasing the various communities we serve.

Bedford is known as the Limestone Capital of the World. But, as we’ve discovered, there is much more to appreciate in this community, including the historical museum, the community theater, Otis Park, local manufacturers, and the annual Christmas Parade of Lights. All of this and more will be featured in this WTIU production.

The project was developed by WTIU staff, students from John Winninger’s telecommunications class at Indiana University, and Bedford residents. WTIU held a town meeting in September where residents suggested the topics to be covered in the program.

Viewers will see an in-depth look at the community and its people.

“You can’t separate limestone from Bedford even though it may not be the biggest industry any more,” said executive producer Gino Brancolini. “The people are very aware of the role limestone played in their heritage. Bedford isn’t only about limestone, but limestone made Bedford the town that it is.”

As part of the limestone segments, the program will examine the history, the industry as it exists today, limestone architecture and the unique monuments in cemeteries that are a tribute to stone carvers.

In addition to the limestone and other attractions in the area, the program will focus on the people, who Brancolini said, exhibit typical southern Indiana values with a strong sense of community, family and religion.

“The people we’ve met have a keen awareness of their place in the world. They think Bedford is a wonderful place to live and raise children. There is a tremendous amount of civic pride. We found people in the community working really hard to make it a great place.”

He added that people live in Bedford because they want to and they don’t have a longing to be somewhere else or in a bigger city. “You get the sense that they are very satisfied people and very comfortable with their lives and where they are.”