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About B-town Sounds

Produced from 1996 - 2000, B-town Sounds features musicians who live in the Bloomington, Indiana area performing for a local audience. The 1999 - 2000 season was recorded at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre in downtown Bloomington. Previous seasons were recorded in the WTIU studios. Artists offer a variety of musical styles.

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1999 - 2000

The Amy Stephens Group

Janiece Jaffe

The Gordon Bonham Blues Band

Sue Medley: Pop/Rock

Tim Grimm: Singer, songwriter, and actor based in Columbus, Indiana.

Jason Wilber: Guitarist and songwriter who had recently released his solo debut CD, Lost in Your Hometown.

Lauren Robert Of Mojo Hand fame.

The Mary Janes

Del Rio: A mainstream country/rock-n-roll band based in Indianapolis and Michigan.

Straight No Chaser: A student a cappella group that has become Indiana University's musical ambassadors.

United States Three and Old Pike

Best of B-town Sounds 2000, Part 1: Lauren Robert, Straight No Chaser, Jason Wilber, The Amy Stephens Group, Tim Grimm, and Janiece Jaffe.

Best of B-town Sounds 2000, Part 2: The Mary Janes, Del Rio, Sue Medley, Old Pike, United States Three, and The Gordon Bonham Blues Band.


1998 - 1999

Jake Krack: The then-14-year-old from Spencer, Indiana won national titles and scholarships as an Appalachian fiddler and appeared on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion.

Jason Wilber: The Bloomington-based pop folk songwriter and guitarist performed regularly as lead guaitarist for Indiana legend Bill Wilson, Carrie Newcomer, and national recording star John Prine.

Craig Brenner: The classically trained pianist performs jazz, boogie woogie, blues, and ragtime with a back-up ensemble.

Amandla Chris Smith and Heather Adou perform acoustic and electric music in the African tradition.

Sharlee Davis and Will Devitt: Using guitars, harmonies, life experience, and imagination, the Bloomington-based duo creates a distinctive sound.

Dew Daddies: The Bloomington, IN country band includes Dave Johnloz, Peter Conway, Andy Ruff, Andy Bruce, and Garry Pugh.

Beth Lodge-Rigal: The award-winning alto vocalist who has won major folk and songwriter competitions sings of the bonds of love, family, and history with an eye for the beauty of truth.

Carrie Newcomer Special: The successful recording artist returns for a live B-town Sounds studio appearance during WTIU's fund drive.

The Forecasters: A blues band featuring Will "The Weatherman" Scott, J.J. Perry, and Jim Richter.

Mary Jane Lamond: A Canadian artist from the Lotus Music Festival brings Celtic music a different flavor.


1997 - 1998

Jimmy Ryser: Kelly Johnson, backup.

The Bathtub Virgins: Tammy Patrick, Jeff Farias, Peter Conway, Jon Nilsen, Tim Moore, Dennis Scoville.

A Cappella Special Vida: Sara Ferrell, Stephanies Heldemann, Jessica Lewis, Moira Smiley.

The Heartones: Buff Brown, Janiece Jaffe, Martha Ost, Karl Sturbaum, Mary Sturbaum.

Suzanne Glass

The Mary Janes: Janas Hoyt, Carolyn Baffe, Kathy Kolata, Geraldine Haas, Mike Beam, Kurt Squire, Jana Wampler.

Olenka: Olenka, Jamey Reid, Keith Skooglund, Jack Helsley, Andrew Cherry, Shelly Barnard.

Danny Flanigan: Danny Flanigan, Philip Wakeman, Kelley Wilkinson, Cary Shields, Tim Walcomb, John Byrne.

Janiece Jaffe

Kara Barnard: Kara Barnard, Pam Barnard, Troy Steele, Jennifer Kirk, Mary Klene, John Cannaday, Richard Owens.

Michael Kelsey: Michael Kelsey, Dennis Leas.

Mojo Hand: Lauren Robert, Martin O'Neill, Tom Moeller, Mike Moody.


1996 - 1997

Jimmy Ryser: Appearing with Kelly Johnson, vocals, and Bil Baker, guitar, accordian, and vocals. The Bloomington resident has toured and performed with John Mellencamp. Pop/folk/rock.

Geri Kay: The Bloomington resident appears with Joy Bridy, Amy Roche, and Laura Weaver, vocals; Dave Bruker, bass; Jamey Reid, drums; Jason Wilbur, guitar; and Jon Kay, dulcimer.

Artie Cornett: Solo performance with guitar featuring songs with Rocky Mountain/Colorado themes. The Nashville, IN resident is influenced by John Denver. Folk.

Medicine Wheel: Keith Skooglund, acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals; Mike Graves, acoustic guitar, vocals; Jeff Hedback, fretless bass; Gonzalo Dies, congas, drums. Based in Indianapolis. Folk/rock.

David Cole: The Nashville, IN based folk singer/songwriter appears with Dave Bruker, bass.

Beth Lodge-Rigal: Dan Lodge-Rigal, keyboard. Former East Coast residents now based in Bloomington.

Michael Kelsey: Indianapolis based. Progressive/aggressive guitar.

Carrie Newcomer: Jason Wilber, lead guitar, lap-steel guitar, mandolin, vocals; David Wierhake, accordian; Robert Meitus, guitar, mandolin, vocals; Jamey Reid, drums, percussion; and Jack Helsey, upright and electric bass.

The Rich Hardesty Band: Chris Combs, bass, vocals; Kip Beard, drums; and Kyle Ridenour, congos. Reggae-influenced.

Tom Chang: The Indianapolis native is lead singer of The Chosen Few.

A Tribute to Lotus Dickey: Steve Dickey, guitar, banjo; Mark Feddersen, bass, banjo, vocals; Janne Henshaw, vocals; Grey Larsen, guitar, fiddle, vocals; Nan McEntire, vocals. Folk.

Common Cents: Doug Gouchman, vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion; Andrea Weber, vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion; Jim Latini, drums; Brandt Smith, banjo, vocals. Based in New York. Acoustic rock and blues.

Larry Crane: Gordon Lowry, violin. The Midwest-based former member of John Mellencamp's band records on GS Records. Acoustic rock.