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Why do I hear the weather forecast instead of program audio?

The Second Audio Program (SAP) on your television or VCR has been activated.

See “How Can I Access SAP/DVI?” at right for instructions on how to turn off the SAP feature.

Facts About Alternative Audio

When available, WTIU offers a variety of alternative audio services. Read more about them below.

What is SAP?

SAP stands for Second Audio Program, and it allows broadcasters to add another channel of audio to the programs we air.

We use SAP to broadcast both DVI (descriptive video service, also called DVS®) for people who are visually impaired, and Spanish-language program audio. Since only about 30% of our programs have the SAP/DVI feature, we broadcast NOAA Weather radio over this second audio channel the rest of the time.

What is DVI?

DVI stands for Descriptive VIdeo (WGBH produces descriptive video known as DVS®, or Descriptive Video Service®). It is a service for people who are visually impaired that allows a narrarator to describe the action on the TV screen between segments of regular program audio. DVI can enhance the experience of a program for people with visual impairments by helping to set the scene, describe costumes, actions, gestures, and other visual elements.

How Do I Tell Which Programs Have SAP/DVI?

Our online schedule and our printed program guide indicate the presence of SAP/DVI by using the letters DVS at the end of the program listing.

How Can I Access SAP/DVI?

Most newer-model TVs with stereophonic sound systems are able to receive a Second Audio Program (SAP) channel.

Most TVs and VCRs require you to select the SAP channel in order to receive and record DVS. If you are using a VCR to watch TV, use the VCR remote to get to an on-screen menu. The SAP/DVI feature is likely to be under “audio” or “special features” from the MENU button for on-screen programming.

There should be an “on” or “off” setting, or options for STEREO, SURROUND SOUND, MONO, or SAP. If you want to hear the narrator, Spanish audio, or weather radio, then it should be set to “on” or SAP. If you do not want to hear the second audio program, set it to “off” or STEREO.

If these instructions don’t help, please refer to the owner’s manual of your television or VCR.