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About This Web Site

Layout and Design

The layout and visual design of this site are controlled primarily by using cascading style sheets (CSS). In the simplest terms, what this means is that each page is composed primarily of content, and all the directions given to the browser about the page’s appearance are contained in a separate file. By separating content from form, file sizes are smaller and therefore pages load faster. They are also more accessible to technologies like screen readers, used by the visually impaired.

Browser Compatibility

Although the World Wide Web Consortium makes recommendations for web standards, no one can actually enforce them. It’s up to browser manufacturers to create products that are standards-compliant, and even the latest technology lags behind the newest recommendations. Also, it’s up to users to upgrade their software to ensure that they’re enjoying the benefits of the latest technology.

Recent versions of the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari) do provide good support for style sheets, although their implementation is not identical. This web site should display very similarly in newer versions of Explorer (6.0/7.0 for Windows PCs) and Mozilla-based browsers.

This web site will NOT display the same way in older browsers (5.0 and prior), which had poor support for style sheets. You will still be able to access all the information on the pages, but will not experience the full benefits of CSS. Read more below for information about upgrading your browser.

Content Management

Most pages in this site are managed using Movable Type.