Indiana University Bloomington
Environmental Chemistry Lab


Principal Investigator

Jonathan D. Raff Jonathan D. Raff

NSF Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of California-Irvine, with Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
Ph.D. Indiana University, with Ronald A. Hites
M.S. University of Minnesota, with Kent R. Mann
A.B. Occidental College, with Phoebe K. Dea

Group Members

Zachary Payne

Graduate Student, Chemistry Ph.D. Program
B.S. Chemistry, Bellarmine University
Other members of our team (pictures to be added soon):
Dr. Rebecca Abney (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Dr. Robert Hansen (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Dr. Ryan Mushinski (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Evan Dalton (Graduate Student, Chemistry Department)

Raff Lab Alumni

Melissa Donaldson, Ph.D. Environmental Science, 2017
Nicole Scharko, M.S.E.S., Ph.D. Environmental Science, 2016 (postdoc, PNNL)
Kathryn Fledderman, M.P.A/M.S. Environmental Science
Stephanie Hagan, M.S. Chemistry (2016)
Khathy Thack, Groups Scholars Program Summer Researcher (with IUMSC), 2016
Mulu A. Kebede, Ph.D. Environmental Science (2011-2015)
Andrew Berke, Postdoctoral Researcher, Now Assistant Professor at Smith College
Hannah Peel, MSES, 2015. Now at the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Ruth Martinez, Groups Scholars Program Summer Researcher, 2015
Lauren Banina, MSES, 2014. Now at AIT Labs
LeAndra Slayton, Groups Scholars Program Summer Researcher, 2014
Jimena Flores, Groups Scholars Program Summer Researcher, 2013
Marissa Martinez, Women in Science and Technology Summer Researcher, 2013
Laura Moore-Shay, MPA/MSES, 2013
Ju Hyun Lee, High school sophomore at Boston University Academy. Now at Harvard University
Laura Appelt, B.S. Environmental Science, 2013. Now at Duke University, School of Law
Lauren Swierk, MSES, 2014