1999-2000 Roll Call Data

Welcome to the website for Representation in America's Legislatures. This is a project supported by the National Science Foundation (SES-0094635 and SES-0242571) and at Indiana University, the College of Arts and Science and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

The principal investigator of this project is Professor Gerald C. Wright, and the research was conducted at Indiana University. On this website you will find links to the roll call data we have currently available and upcoming data releases. This page functions as the primary source for obtaining the data and will be routinely updated throughout the summer as we post the first round of the data collection. Please check back for updates.

Research Assistance

Gerald Wright, Principal Investigator
Jon Winburn, Graduate Research Assistant
Jennifer Hayes Clark, Graduate Research Assistant

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants and Interns

Nathan Bennett, Undergraduate Research Intern
Kristin Thomas, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ricardo Hernandez, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Doug Brayley, Undergraduate Research Assistant

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