History & Memory

History & Memory: Studies in Representation of the Past focuses on questions relating to the formation of historical consciousness--the area in which collective memory, the writing of history, and other modes of shaping images of the past in the public mind merge. The journal deals with both theoretical problems and empirical inquiries to stimulate conceptual clarifications and novel approaches.

Within this general framework, History & Memory regards one of its central tasks as dealing with problems of understanding the National Socialist and Fascist epoch and its massive impact on contemporary imagination, as well as the perplexing aspects of its presentation.

History & Memory is edited at the Eva and Marc Besen Institute for the Study of Historical Consciousness, Tel Aviv University (Senior Editor Saul Friedlander). It is published twice a year by Indiana University Press. For more information contact the Journals Division, Indiana University Press, 601 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404, or call (812) 855-9449.