Credit Where Credit Is Due

In the interview for this article, Pisoni used the word "we" thirty-five times and the word "I" only eight times--and every one of those eight occurred when he was pressed by the interviewer for biographical details. In other words, he never once discussed the work for which he has become acclaimed without acknowledging the contributions of his students and colleagues.

Just as subjects in voice recognition experiments learn to remember the names of the voices they hear, the students who work in IU's speech laboratory no doubt will remember the voice and the encouragement of Dave Pisoni as they themselves move on to other positions and new discoveries in academic and research jobs around the country. A short list of just a few of his students and trainees over the past twenty years includes the following:

Predoctoral Students

James Sawusch, 1976, Ph.D., Psychology, Associate Professor, Psychology, SUNY- Buffalo
Thomas Carrell, 1984, Ph.D., Psychology, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Northwestern University
John Logan, 1992, Ph.D., Psychology, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Carlton University, Canada
Jan Charles-Luce, 1987, Ph.D., Linguistics, Assistant Professor, Communication Disorders, SUNY-Buffalo

Postdoctoral Trainees

Howard Nusbaun, 198184, Psychology, Assistant Professor, Psychology, University of Chicago
Mitchell Sommers, 199092, Psychology, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Washington University
Hans Brunner, 198082, Psychology, Research and Development Engineer, USWest, Denver, Colorado
Joseph Stemberger, 198485, Linguistics, Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Minnesota
Cynthia Connine, 198587, Psychology, Assistant Professor, Psychology, SUNY- Birmingham
Van Summers, 198587, Psychology, Research Associate, Walter Reed Army Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
John Mullennix, 198588, Psychology, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Wayne State University

--Mark Buechler