Research & Creative Activity

Indiana University

Office of Research and the University Graduate School
Volume XVII, Number 1, April 1994

Photo and Illustration Credits:

cover photo by Kevin Montague and Michael Cavanagh; Vesalius woodcut and Lilly Library courtesy of Indiana University Instructional Support Services and the Lilly Library; drawing from p. 3079, Ausfuhrliches Lexikon der Griechischen und Romischen Mythologie, 1894-97; John Bodnar, Robert Orsi, St. Jude, Jeffrey Wolin, Leslie Real, radial arm maze, student, and eye-blink student by Tyagan Miller; Vietnam Veterans Memorial courtesy of the National Park Service; Civil War reenactment courtesy of the Virginia State Library and Archives; Still cleaners supplied by John Bodnar; annual festa courtesy of The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies; Durer's Small Passion courtesy of Indiana Art Museum; Setif and synagogue supplied by Joelle Bahloul; honeybee brain diagram reprinted with permission from Nature (p. 60, volume 366, November 4, 1993) and the author, Martin Hammer; bumblebee photo supplied by Leslie Real; David Pisoni by Dexter Gormley; cartoon by Dave Coverly; Bernadino Ghetti by Doug Bartlow, IUPUI Photographic Services; plaques supplied by Bernardino Ghetti; Joe Christian and twins by Rick Baughn, IUPUI Photographic Services; Rudy Pozzatti by David Keister.