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Volume XVII, Number 1, April 1994

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Staff, Board, and Contributors

Just the Pictures

Photo and Illustration Credits

From the Editors

P. Sarita Soni and Ann G. Carmichael

Memories of IU

Vice President George E. Walker talks with Chancellor Herman B Wells.

Mansions of Memory

Ann G. Carmichael introduces this issue on memory.


Picking up the Common Thread

John Bodnar analyzes the life stories, or memories, of working people.

Faith in Memory

Robert Orsi examines the role of memory in religious devotion.

Remembrance of Places Past

Joelle Bahloul evaluates the role of place and physical space in memories.

"I Am from People"

Jeffrey Wolin preserves the memories of Holocaust survivors in innovative photography.

The Evolution of Rationality

Leslie Real explains the foraging patterns of bumblebees.

Remembering Voices

David Pisoni analyzes how people perceive and comprehend spoken language.

Battling Dementia in the Elderly

Bernardino Ghetti, Martin Farlow, Joe Christian, and others at the Indiana University School of Medicine explore causes and cures of Alzheimer's disease.

From Inquiry to Publication

Books by Indiana University faculty members