The Variations Project is developing and testing server, network, and client technologies to distribute digital audio, full-motion video, and other multimedia information formats over a network. The current focus is the delivery of continuous, compact-disc quality digital audio over a network without audio breakup. Future goals include the distribution of score notation and the development of score databases. Digitizing multimedia information allows each student to control, independently and interactively, multimedia sources. The flow diagram above describes this process. The state of the analog source at the time of conversion will be preserved in digital form. Analog sources, such as long-playing records, cassette tapes, videocassettes, etc., once converted into digital form will not deteriorate with use. The Variations Project's technology will be deployed in the Music Library and Recital Hall Building now under construction with projected occupancy of the Music Library wing by December, 1994. (For more information in the World Wide Web, the Universal Resource Locator is