This image was the background on a brochure for the Indiana University Bloomington Internet Librarian Conference, Tuesday, May 17, 1994. The Renaisssance manuscript from the mid-fifteenth century, Theophrastus, De plantis, along with many others in glorious color, can be found on the Internet. Search, or use a Veronica search on nature. The recent conference included sessions and addresses on "The Roles of Librarians in the Internet," "Client-Server Concepts," "Gophering to Pockets of Goodness," "Tips for Exploring the Internet with Gopher," "Major Internet Tools," "World Wide Web," "Internet Puzzles and Treasure Hunts," "Lost in Cyberspace--Where Is the Librarian in Our Future?" "Internet Resources: Discovery, Access, and Use," and ""Librarians and Value-- Added Repackaging of the Internet." (For more information see the IUB Library.)