Research & Creative Activity

Indiana University

Office of Research and the University Graduate School
Volume XVII, Number 2, September 1994

Photo and Illustration Credits:

cover image generated by Robert Shakespeare and Rob Ward; Comparing Corneal Reshaping Methods, 4Dice, Geological Seismic Arrays, and Cyclotron MEGA Project images courtesy of the Center for Innovative Compter Application, generated by Brian Kaplan; Chuck Watson, Venkataramanan/Mackay, F. Robert Jacobs, telephone interviewer, and Shakespeare/Ward photos by Tyagan Miller; Tierney/McDonald, and IUPUI student photos by Doug Bartlow, IUPUI Photographic Services; hammerstone, Jeffrey Hass, Distance Education Studio, and electronic kiosk photos by Mark Simons, Indiana University Instructional Support Services; particle simulation diagrams generated by James Musser; figure 8 and horoball diagrams generated by Allan Edmonds; Variations diagram generated by Ian Rogers; Law School World Wide Web page designed by Will Sadler; cartoons by Dave Coverly; smiles photographic montage by Monireh Movoffaghi; group communication tools photo by Patrick Bennett; Kettler Building photo by Elmer Denman.