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Mission Statement

Research, both pure and applied, and creative activities are ongoing and essential aspects of life on the campuses at Indiana University. The quality of instructional education at any institution is tremendously enhanced if based upon and continuously associated with research and creative inquiry. It is significant, therefore, that the emphasis at IU not only is placed upon fundamental and basic research but also is directed toward developmental activities designed to discover those applications of research that characterize the efforts of many of our faculty in the arts and sciences as well as the professional schools.

As an overview of the diverse and interesting programs of research, scholarship, and creative activities conducted at Indiana University, Research & Creative Activity offers its readers an opportunity to become familiar with the professional accomplishments of our distinguished faculty. We hope the articles that appear in Research & Creative Activity continue to be intellectually stimulating to readers and make them more aware of the great diversity and depth of the research and artistic creativity under way at Indiana University. A full and exciting life is being created here, now and for the future. From our readers we welcome suggestions for topics for future articles in Research & Creative Activity that will demonstrate further the scholarly activity at Indiana University.