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Indiana University

Office of Research and the University Graduate School
Volume XVIII, Number 1, June 1995

Photo and Illustration Credits:

photos by Tyagan Miller, cover, pp. 2-4, 7, 11, 16-18, 20, and 21; drawing by Elizabeth Raff, p. 5; chart adapted from J. McClintock Turbeville, Joseph R. Schulz, and Rudolf A. Raff, "Deuterostome Phylogeny and the Sister Group of the Chordates: Evidence from Molecules and Morphology," Molecular Biology and Evolution 11 (4), p. 651; images courtesy of Dyan Elliott, pp. 9-10; sketches courtesy of Bonnie Sklarski, pp. 14-15; photo by Marion Hunt, p. 19; drawings by James Whitcraft, pp. 23-24.