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Volume XVIII, Number 1, June 1995

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P. Sarita Soni and Ann G. Carmichael


Looking at the Origin of Body Plans

Rudolph Raff addresses the question of how life develops in embryo by applying new tools of molecular analysis.

The Medieval Body: Denied yet Affirmed

Dyan Elliott suggests an alternate view on how medieval Christianity affected and was affected by spirituality, attitudes toward gender roles, and sexuality.

Engaging Questions of Embodiment

Eva Cherniavsky explores the ways in which the sexualized spectacle of the white female star's body suggests animality and excess.

Time for the Body

Bonnie Sklarski examines the place of the human figure and myth in art by using her knowledge of anatomy and history in an effort to resolve the paradoxes of real and mythological time.

Body Bipedal

Kevin Hunt observes chimpanzees in the wild to develop theories about the physiology and behavior of our earliest known "human ancestors."

Big Bodies Unbalance Modern Theories

James Farlow develops theories on how a meat eater like the Tyrannosaurus rex could survive in the Jurassic and sees lessons in extinct animal bones that can be applied today.

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Genes and Bodies

To Boldly Imagine Extra-Human Bodies

Body Dissected

Baby Bipedal

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