Copyright Questions?

When you develop a multimedia project, you are creating a new work that may be protectible by copyright. If you are "clipping" from other sources, you need to evaluate the "fair use" of your work, and you may need to secure permission from the copyright owners. The Copyright Management Center, located on the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus, serves to address and coordinate the university's response to copyright issues affecting higher education. Indiana University is a complex organization with ambitious programs for the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. In the pursuit of those programs, our activities frequently raise questions about the relationship of copyright to the university's research, teaching, and service mission. The Copyright Management Center facilitates a constructive relationship between the needs of higher education and our legal rights and responsibilities.

Copyright usually arises on campus as a frightening beast, terrorizing plans and threatening everyone with ponderous liability. That image has been shaped largely by disturbing news reports and restrictive warnings against photocopying, software use, database downloading, and other activities. Copyright's relationship to the university is far more complex, however, and it often serves to protect faculty and the university as much as it might also inhibit them. Working with diverse members of the university community, the Copyright Management Center identifies the many opportunities and benefits that copyright law can confer.

The center contributes to the university's research and service goals by pursuing and sponsoring new research on copyright issues and participating in campus, state, and national commissions shaping copyright policy. The center is an administrative unit of the university, charged with fostering and coordinating the development of policy positions affecting the use of copyrighted works and the ownership of newly created works on campus. For more information, contact the Copyright Management Center (317-274-4400; or visit the center's World Wide Web page at the following URL:

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