Relationship of University to Clinical Enterprise Unitary Interlocking Directorate; School as Member of Dominant Coalition (Oligarchy) Board Members of Equal Partners or Minority Position None or Token Representation at Governance
Position of Academic Leader in Relation to Governanace Chair of Board CEO/Direct Authority Major Board/ Governance Office/ Indirect Authority Board Member/ Influence within Organization May Not Be Included; Influence (if any) May Be outside Organization
Relationship of University to Clinical System Owns Joint Venture Partner Consortium MemberŅ One Among Equals Client
Appointment Power of Dean for Department Chairs and Clinical Chiefs Appoints Chairs and Clinical Chiefs Appoints Chairs, Veto Power over Clinical Chiefs Appoints Chairs/ Consulted on Appointment of Clinical Chiefs Consulted on Appointment of Chairs and Clinical Chiefs
Production of Clinical Services by Physicians Within System by Employed Physician Faculty Full Time Faculty and Community Physicians Obligated to Delivery System by Contract With Faculty Appointment By Faculty and Affiliates without Individual Contract or Faculty Appointment Within System by Employed Physician Faculty and Other Physiciansj
Budgetary Control and Role of University Establishes Budgetary Targets for Operating Units and All Affiliates Participates in Overall Budgeting; Controls Medical Education Request Budgetary Support; Negotitated with Partners Receives Budgetary Allocation from Corporate System
University Contribution to Capital Requirements "Owner," Very Significant; Requires Capital Market Access "Major Investor," Significant; May Be Met from Operating Revenue "Limited Partner," Modest; Major Capital Risk with Partners "Associate," Minimal
Legal Feasibility Complex in Public Sector; Private Organizations May Enjoy Advantages with Fewer Legal Obstacles to System Formation Complex Interrelationship; Investment Requirment to Secure Governance Position Contractual Relationship; Moderate Difficulty Contracted or Owned Entity of System
Risk/Reward Potential for Funding Academic Mission High Rewards and High Risk Significant Risk; Investment Offers Profit and Loss Sharing Potential Return and Risk Limited by Contract Low Risk, Low Reward Potential

A comprehensive summary table outlining the key attributes of each of the four models