Trustees Minutes

"As the problems of life in the last third of the twentieth century mount and multiply, there is an increasing awareness among the students, the faculties, the administration, and the Board of Trustees of the need to relate the programs and resources of Indiana University more clearly and directly to society's needs in the area of public and environmental affairs. . . . Nearly every major problem confronting modern society cuts across traditional disciplinary and professional boundaries. The ability of society to cope with these problems depends, in part, upon continued emphasis on basic research and teaching which the traditional disciplines are best constituted to undertake. But it also depends upon the marshaling of knowledge and its translation into findings and propositions useful to the voter, the public official, and the concerned citizen. This is a task for which the traditional disciplines are not well equipped and to which the universities have not adequately addressed themselves. . . . To strengthen Indiana University's efforts in this direction and to make them more readily apparent, a new organizational structure is needed. . . .
To strengthen and make more visible the university's efforts in the broad area of public affairs, it is proposed that a university-wide institution with autonomous divisions on major campuses be established at the earliest practicable date. It is suggested that this institution be designated as the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. . ."--

The Trustees of Indiana University
minutes of March 21, 1971, meeting