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Volume XX, Number2, September 1997
The Kinsey Institute Today


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York Wilbern recalls the genesis of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

The Kinsey Institute Today The Kinsey Institute work is more important today than ever before. image
image Learning from the Past--
Looking to the Future
This brief historical sketch recounts the Kinsey Institute's past fifty years.
The Social Sciences Research Council Supports Sexuality Research The SSRC gives a Kinsey Institute fellow the opportunity to study the history of transsexuality in the United States.
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways... AMORE measures motivations for engaging in sexual activity.
Working for Women's Well-being How do oral contraceptives affect mood and sexuality? image
Treating Menstrual Cycle Problems the Interdisciplinary Way Considering the intersection of issues of gynecology, reproductive biology, and psychology is the key to successful treatment of menstrual cycle problems.
image Reconceptualizing Sexual Arousal Kinsey researchers are proposing a model in which the occurrence of a sexual response depends on the balance between excitation and inhibition.
Serving the Community, Enriching the Profession The Sexual Health Clinic offers a holistic approach to sexual health.
Healthy Sexuality and Adolescents The IU School of Medicine and the Kinsey Institute are collaborating to explore the relationship between sexual behavior and adolescent health.
Kinsey Collections Reveal the Value of Variety The Kinsey Institute is home to the richest and probably largest collection of sexual research material in the world. image>
The Interdisciplinary Approach Symposia and seminars promote the constructive exchange of ideas between different disciplines.
image The Art of Desire A selection of erotic treasures from the Kinsey Institute's collections will be exhibited at the SOFA Gallery in honor of the institute's fiftieth anniversary.
For Sex Information, Try the Kinsey Institute The Kinsey Institute librarians provide information for researchers and professionals. image
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From Inquiry to Publication:
Books by Indiana University Faculty Members
Preview books on the major innovations in American optical astronomy, the modern Olympic movement, the earliest surviving work of pure sensationalism in Western literature, accounts of Victorian sexuality, stakeholder problems in nonprofit arts organizations, and much more.

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