Art and Photo Credits

Cover design by David J. Smith; photos, cover (flame and coal), pp. 3, 5­7, 11, 14, 17, 21, 23, 28, by Tyagan Miller; photo, p. 8, by Maria Mastalerz; photo, p. 9, courtesy of Nelson R. Shaffer; photos, pp. 12­13, courtesy of Bennet B. Brabson; image, p. 18, courtesy of John Comer; image, p. 19, courtesy of Peter Ortoleva; photo, p. 20, courtesy of the Indiana Geological Survey; cartoon, p. 24, courtesy of Mike Cagle; chart, p. 25, courtesy of Thomas Lyon; computer images, pp. 29­31, courtesy of Denver Harper; Corebook page, p. 33, courtesy of Brian D. Keith; computer image, p. 34, courtesy of Todd Thompson.

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