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Volume XX, Number3, January 1998


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Henry H. H. Remak remembers Alfred Kinsey, the man
and the scientist, for his moral behavior.

Energy: At What Cost? We face many choices that will
determine the energy sources of the future.

CoalThere's No Fuel Like an Old Fuel:
Searching for New Energy
in Indiana Coal Beds
Coal exploration can provide valuable answers
for basic research, as well as
information vital to industry.

Teaching an Old Stone New Tricks:
Using Limestone for Cleaner Air
Wet limestone scrubber technology may help rehabilitate
the "dirty" reputation of Indiana's high-sulfur coal.

Energy from the Wind What is the potential of wind power to supply
clean energy from a renewable source?

Meeting Energy Needs, Maintaining the Environment Experts from many fields are exploring sustainable energy use.

Predicting Petroleum Reservoir Potential:
Computer Modeling of Basins
Permeability Improving exploration could add billions
of dollars to our national economy.

Indiana Geological Survey:
Serving the Citizens
The Survey focuses on the stewardship of the state's energy, mineral, and
groundwater resources through information, education, and applied research.

Unsatisfied?"Looking Over Their Shoulders":
Monitoring the Utility Industry
and the Regulatory System
What are the impacts of investment decisions by electric utilities,
and why is the regulatory system basically working?

Is Cleaner Technology Always Better Technology? One researcher says "no." Cleaner technology may lead to increased production,
which in turn may mean more pollution.

Mapping the Future of Coal Computer-generated visualizations of data can help users look
at a site's characteristics: geological, hydrological, and topographical.
Transforming Geological Field Work
A standardized system helps "lumpers" and "splitters"
to report on the content of core samples.

From Inquiry to Publication: Books by Indiana University Faculty Members A preview of books on Umberto Eco's intellectual development, cross racial impersonations and imitations, a personal homage to a witty sixteenth century French poet, essays on the complexity of life as an African American male, alternative views of music education, becoming citizens in the age of television, the emergence of the modern American theater, and much more.

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