Indiana University Research & Creative Activity April 1998 Volume XXI Number 1

Art and Photo Credits

Cover design by David J. Smith

Photos (cover, William Jackson, Steven Weitzman, The Old Testament in Hebrew, David Brakke, The Book of Hours, Joel Silver, Original leaf, Scott Alexander, Brian Clark, Iranian Qu'ran, Mary Ann Danner-Fadae, David Haberman, Jan Nattier, Tibetian manuscript, Walking Buddha) by Tyagan Miller

Scripture images and text (cover, The Old Testament in Hebrew, The Book of Hours, The Gutenberg Bible and original leaf, Iranian Qu'ran, and Tibetian manuscript) courtesy of the Lilly Library

Paintings [Adam and Eve (William H. Conroy Memorial), Sacrifices of Elijah, and Walking Buddha, (Centennial Gift, Delta Chapter, Kappa Kappa Gamma)] courtesy of Indiana University Art Museum, Copyright © 1998, photography by Michael Cavanagh and Kevin Montague

Photo (priests) by Robyn Beeche

Photo (holy actor) by David Haberman

Photo (headstone and talisman) courtesy of Stephen Bokenkamp

Religious symbols are taken from the IUB Department of Religious Studies logo.

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