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Volume XXI, Number 1, April 1998

Scriptures of the World


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Academia remains important in the search for "better" answers to energy questions.

Why Scriptures of the World Still Matter Establishing frameworks to assess anew the importance of scripture and its meaning in human life presents challenges. But Indiana University scholars are making great strides to meet these challenges.Scriptures
AdamEveReading and Interpretation Bring the Bible to LifeThe Hebrew Bible is well known in Western culture. But much of what people "know" of the book is based on interpretations of the text itself.
Religion as a Window on CultureBreaking down the literary structure of the Bible can help students see the larger cultural patterns of people.
The Center of Revelation
What are the reasons behind the establishment of certain texts as authoritative? How is authority attributed to scriptural writings?
The Prodigal LeafA long-lost leaf belonging to the Lilly Library's Gutenberg Bible has been reunited with the book into which it was initially bound more than five hundred years ago.
Oral History, Written Texts, and Preserving a Connection with the Past
Reconstructing past textual records has led one scholar to combine a historical approach to the evolution of religious traditions with what is happening in people's lives today.
An Insight into 13th-Century IslamA book that focuses on the spiritual dimension of Islam is of great value for academicians and lay people alike.
Sacred Text as Living ScriptureHindus may encounter what we recognize as "scripture" within another cultural form, such as a dramatic presentation, a sermon on the text, a musical rendition of an episode, or through pilgrimage.ManRead
Transmitting Scripture across Cultures
Different schools within Buddhism take separate views of doctrine, and this, in turn, is affected by the cultures of countries in which Buddhism flourishes.
Evolution of a ReligionBesides addressing the place of individuals in the cosmos and in society, the early Daoist scriptures come to terms with its two main rivals at that time.
From Inquiry to Publication: Books by Indiana University Faculty MembersPreview books on the prose of Thomas Henry Huxley, information flow, the birds of the Indiana Dunes, cosmetic surgery, school desegregation, the cinema of Martin Scorsese, the dressmaking trades, Bangladeshi art, legal liability in sports, and flowering plants.

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