John N. Huffman, CAVE Facility Systems Administrator and Research Programmer, Indiana University Bloomington, examines the structure of a molecule of diethylaluminumtristetrabutylpyrazolylborate (Inorg. Chem. 1996, 35, 445-450). The compound, which is a potential catalyst for creating specialized polymers, was synthesized by Nancy Eilerts (currently at Phillips Research Center, Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, Oklahoma) working as a postdoctoral fellow under the direction of Malcolm H. Chisholm, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, IUB. The structure was determined by John C. Huffman, Senior Scientist in Chemistry and director of the IU Molecular Structure Center. For more information on this and other molecules, see the Indiana University Molecular Structure Center Web site at

Back Cover Photos produced by the Nie Group, Department of Chemistry, IUB.

(left) Fluorescent image (green) of human DNA fragments stretched and fixed on a glass surface. This sample contains a mixture of short DNA fragments from all human chromosomes. (See page 14 for more information).

(right) Fluorescent image (blue) of yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) stretched and fixed on a glass cover slip. These YACs are cloning vectors used to prepare large fragments (up to one million base pairs) of human DNA for analysis.


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