Indiana University      Research & Creative Activity      April 1998 Volume XXI Number 2

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Guest Editor
Harold Ogren

Associate Editor
Michael Shermis

David J. Smith

Judi Hetrick

Tyagan Miller

Editorial Assistant
Alicia Crabtree

Advisory Board

Eileen Bender
Special Assistant
Office of the Chancellor
IU South Bend

Lauren Bryant
Managing Editor
Indiana Alumni Magazine
Indiana University Alumni Association
IU Bloomington

T. Michael Ford
Special Assistant to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
University Administration
IU Bloomington

James W. Reidhaar

Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts
IU Bloomington

Anne Kibbler
Managing Editor
The College
College of Arts and Sciences
IU Bloomington

Tim Londergan
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
IU Bloomington

Henry H. H. Remak
Professor Emeritus of Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature, and West European Studies
IU Bloomington

Cleve Wilhoit
Professor of Journalism

IU Bloomington

Published by the Office of Research and the University Graduate School

George E. Walker
Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

About the Contributors

Harold Ogren is a professor of physics at Indiana University Bloomington. His research is in experimental particle physics, which often takes him to Geneva, Switzerland, where he is part of a large international group of physicists building an experiment call ATLAS. He recently taught a class in the physics of medical imaging, which exploited the immense data base of the World Wide Web. He received his Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University in 1970.

Aaron Conley is a research associate for budgetary administration and planning in the Office of the Bloomington Chancellor. He is also a doctoral candidate in higher education and philanthropic studies.

Eric R. Pfeffinger is a playwright and cartoonist who lives in Bloomington. He received master's degrees in English and library science from Indiana University and works for the IU Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Michael Wilkerson works as coordinator of academic affairs in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Bloomington Chancellor. He writes fiction and essays and has been the executive director of two artists' colonies.

Leigh Hedger is a public relations writer at Hirons & Company in Bloomington, Indiana, and a photographer for the Indiana University Afro-American Arts Institute.

William Rozycki received a Ph.D. in Central Eurasian studies from Indiana University and now teaches writing at Indiana University­Purdue University Indianapolis.

Deborah Galyan is a fiction writer and occasional freelance writer living in Bloomington, Indiana.

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