Indiana University      Research & Creative Activity      January 1999 Volume XXI Number 3


1. Dogon peoples, Mali; Male Figure; Wood; 16th century; H. 44 in.; Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection
2. Dan peoples, Liberia/Côte d'Ivoire; Ladle Figure; Wood; H. 20 in.
3. Montol peoples, Nigeria; Female Figure; Wood, pigment; H. 15 in.; Lent by the Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection
4. Lumbo peoples, Gabon; Bow Lute; Wood, fiber, pigment; H. 26 in.
5. Igbo peoples, Nigeria; Shrine, Ikenga; Wood, pigment; H. 24 in.

Background: Yoruba peoples, Nigeria; Cloth, Adire; Cotton, indigo dye; Gift of Bernard Riley

inset photo, right: Surrounded here by figures from the Ibgo peoples of Nigeria, is Diane Pelrine, associate director for curatorial services and curator of the art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, who oversees the Indiana Univesity Art Museum's outstanding collection of African art. The breadth and quality of that collection contributes to the university's reputation as a center for the study of Africa.

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