Indiana University      Research & Creative Activity      January 1999 Volume XXI Number 3

Art and Photo Credits:

Many of the photos in this issue of Research & Creative Activity offer a glimpse of the exceptional collection of African art at the IU Art Museum. More than 200 objects representing major artistic traditions from south of the Sahara are on display in the Art Museum's third floor Raymond and Laura Wielgus Gallery, and another 1,900 African pieces are in storage, available by appointment for research and study. Visitors to the collection can see masks, figures, textiles, jewelry, and household objects that were chosen not only for their fine aesthetic qualities but also as teaching tools to show the ethnic and stylistic diversity of African art. In storage is also a small collection of African fakes, forgeries, and tourist art. Used primarily in seminars on connoisseurship, the teaching collection was developed by Roy Sieber, Rudy Professor of Fine Arts Emeritus, who, while teaching art history at IUB for more than thirty years, was also instrumental in developing the museum's collections from Africa, the South Pacific, and the Pre Columbian Americas.

Unless otherwise indicated, all objects listed below are owned by the Indiana University Art Museum and the photographs were taken by Michael Cavanagh and Kevin Montague, courtesy of Indiana University Art Museum 1998.
Lumbo peoples, Gabon; Bow Lute; Wood, fiber, pigment; H. 26 in.; p. 5
Senufo peoples, Côte d'Ivoire; Female Figure; Wood, incrustation; H. 6 in.; Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection; p. 6
Edo peoples, Kingdom of Benin, Nigeria; Commemorative Head, Uhumnw-Elao; Brass; 17th century; H. 11 in.; p. 8
Lulua peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo; Female Figure, Lupinga lua Luimpe; Wood, incrustation; 19th century; H. 17 in.; Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection; p. 10
Dogon peoples, Mali; Male Figure; Wood; 16th century; H. 44 in.; Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection; pp. 10-11
Bamana peoples, Mali; Antelope Headdress, Ci Wara or Sogoni Kun; Wood;
H. 20 in.; Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection; p. 12
Bali-Nyonga kingdom, Cameroon; Figure from a Meeting House Post; Wood, pigment; 1909-1914; H. 40 in.; Gift of Rita and John Grunwald; p. 14
Mossi peoples, Burkina Faso; Mask, Karanga; Wood, pigment, leather; H. 70 in.; Gift of Rita and John Grunwald; p. 21
Baule peoples, Côte d'Ivoire; Mask, Goli Kpan; Wood, pigment; H. 19 7/8 in.; p. 24
Igbo peoples, Nigeria; Shrine, Ikenga; Wood, pigment; H. 24 in.; p. 26-27
Kuba peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo; Prestige Cup; Wood; H. 10 11/16 in.; p. 29
Chokwe peoples, Angola/Democratic Republic of Congo; Chief's Chair; Wood, antelope hide, brass; H. 31 in.; p. 36
Yombe peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo; Commemorative Figure; Wood, pigment; H. 18 in.; Lent by Rita and John Grunwald; p. 36
Mahafaly peoples, Madagascar; Commemorative Post; Wood; H. 49 7/8 in.; p.36
Bangwa peoples, Cameroon; Commemorative Figure, Lefem; Wood; H. 20 in.;
Gift in part of Harrison Eiteljorg and Ernst Anspach; p. 36
Bamana peoples, Mali; Puppet Headdress; Wood, brass, cloth; 1930s; H. 57 in.;
p. 36
Kongo peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo; Power Figure, Nkisi N'konde; Wood, iron, pigment; H. 40 in.; p. 37
Yoruba peoples, Nigeria; Staff for Esu/Elegba Cult, Ogo Elegba; Wood, leather, cowrie shells, brass, bone, iron; before 1930s; H. 19 in.; Raymond and Laura Wielgus Collection; p. 37
Pende peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo; Mask, Gitenga; Wood, pigment, fiber; H. approx. 16 7/8 in.; Lent by Rita and John Grunwald; p. 37
Igbo peoples, Nigeria; Mask, Mwuo; Wood, pigment; Gift of Frederick Stafford;
p. 37
Bembe peoples, Democratic Republic of Congo; Mask, Elanda; Beads, feathers, quills, cowrie shells, buttons; H. 27 in.; p. 37

Photos, pp. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17-19, 21, 23, back cover, by Tyagan Miller; photos, pp. 6, 27, courtesy of Ruth Stone; drawing, p. 13, Dave Coverly; African toys, pp. 1719, courtesy of Patrick O'Meara: tin can van--Senegal, airplane--Liberia, motorcycle--Zimbabwe, helicopter--South Africa, woven car--Malawi; photo of crocodile, p. 22, by Clark Gibson; photo, p. 25, by Mellonee Burnim; photo, p. 26, courtesy of Patrick McNaughton; photos, pp. 28-29, by John Hanson.

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