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Volume XXI, Number 3, January 1999

Exploring Africa in a Changing World


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The Dynamism of Africa
by York Bradshaw
From the spread of democracy to the abundance of natural resources, Africa is alive and vibrant. IU has a strong connection to the continent through many disciplines, united in the African Studies Program.Africa
IRISMusic and Performance
in Funerals and Love Songs

by Eric Pfeffinger
The arts emerge in the course of African life, vital to normal conduct and playing a potent role in day-to-day life.
Opening the VaultArchives serve as repositories of histories: formal and informal, personal and societal. The IU Archives of Traditional Music contain a most precious cultural resource--world music.
Speaking the "Unspeakable"
by Deborah Galyan
People use verbal indirectness to save face. But the circumstances where people apply indirectness strategies and the frequency of their use can vary from culture to culture.Dog
Many Peoples, Many VoicesThe continent of Africa is home to people who speak more than 1,700 different languages--and every graduate student in the African Studies Program is required to learn at least one of them.
IRISAfrican Literature:
A Topic as Vast
as a Continent

by Lucianne Englert
African writers and artists are inventive and appropriate various modern forms and modes. One of the most exciting dimensions of African literature today is women's writing.
Wildlife Politics and Policies
by Judi Hetrick
"Conservation is good for everybody" is an assumption that needs to be questioned. Human factors and decision making must be considered when thinking about wildlife in Africa and other natural resource issues.Crocodile
The Human Face of PolicyThousands of street children struggle for livelihood in the slums of Nairobi. An IU graduate student is convinced that by educating girls, the cycle can be broken.
Development and Modernization of GhanaWhile proponents of modernization theory argue that development in Ghana and other Third World countries must imitate the value systems and production techniques of the West, implementation of that idea causes significant problems.
MuminFive Windows into a Continent
by Michael Wilkerson
A forthcoming Indiana University CD-ROM about African history, politics, art, and culture will show that Africans have much to offer the world in terms of economic, environmental, artistic, social, and cultural solutions.
From Inquiry to Publication:
Books by Indiana University Faculty Members
Preview books on the intersection of faith and community, the effects of tobacco industry marketing and promotion on women, health care law, the artwork of Thomas Eakins, philanthrophy in the world's traditions, safe food handling procedures, and more.

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