Research and Creative Activity

Art and Photo Credits:

All photos, unless noted here, are by staff photographer Tyagan Miller; cover images, pp. 37–38, courtesy of Robert Shakespeare; figures, pp. 10–11, courtesy of Mathew Palakal; image, p. 14, courtesy of Juan Villacís; images, p. 15, courtesy of Randall Bramley; graphic p. 18, designed by Les Teach; chart, p. 22, courtesy of Steven Gottlieb; molecule model, p. 23, courtesy of Ernest Davidson; Samuel Regenstrief photo, p. 26, courtesy, Regenstrief Institute; graphic, p. 31, courtesy Raymond Burke; drawing, p. 32, Dave Coverly; group photo graphic, p. 39, courtesy of Donna Cox; graphic, p. 42, by Greg Closter; graphic, p. 43, courtesy of Don Gilbert; photo, p. 45, courtesy of Darrell Bailey. All other graphics by David J. Smith.

Special thanks to Gerry Bernbom and Karen Adams for help with the development and editing of this issue.

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