Research and Creative Activity

Volume XXII, Number 3,
January 2000

Philanthropy, Volunteerism, and Service Learning


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Shaping the Future of Philanthropy
by Gene Tempel and JoAnn Campbell
Society is focusing more attention on philanthropy, volunteerism, and service learning than ever before. Indiana University is leading the way to greater insight into the nonprofit sector.
Of Wine, Charity,
and Ego

by Eric Pfeffinger
Charity can spring from decidedly uncharitable impulses. Hôtel-Dieu, a private charity hospital in the French Burgundian city of Beaune, is intriguing in that its founder's motives were less than selfless.
Getting By Giving
by Eric Pfeffinger
A new history text on American philanthropy not only incorporates vital communities left out of earlier texts--including minorities, immigrants, and women--but reveals how closely philanthropic behavior is tied to contemporary assumptions and definitions.

Why Are We Generous? Understanding the Economics of Altruism
by Michael Wilkerson

If motivations for giving can be measured, then we can tell what level of our desire to help is based on altruism.
Philanthropy Fellowship Program Attracts Nation's Best
by Aaron Conley
The Jane Addams-Andrew Carnegie Fellowship program has evolved into one of the most competitive and rewarding post-baccalaureate opportunities a new graduate can find.

Studying Philanthropy through Biography
by Kathleen Mills

The role of women in the philanthropy of American education is ripe for exploration.
The Intersection of Religion and Philanthropy
by Kathleen Mills
Analyzing how religion intersects with philanthropy is one of the best ways to understand both elements as they exist in American culture.
Managing the Stakeholders
by Deborah Galyan
Leaders across the vast nonprofit sector often find their greatest common challenge in the day-to-day management of stakeholder groups. Many nonprofit organizations are using scholarly research into management and structure to guide them through reorganizations.
Toward a Stronger Patchwork
by Nick Riddle
A network of nonprofit agencies underpins much of the U.S. human service system through complex relationships with government, the private sector, and each other. For the system to work, these agencies need leaders who have a strong interest in building relationships with other organizations.
Service Learning: Enhancing the Educational Experience, Improving Communities, Changing Lives
by Aaron Conley

Service learning holds the potential to help faculty, students, and institutions of higher learning promote citizenship, community engagement, and philanthropy.

Local Healers
by Nick Riddle

The Social Action Project is service learning at its most hands-on, a total-immersion course in the reality of modern social change.
From Inquiry to Publication: Books by Indiana University Faculty Members Preview books on women and art, the biography of Erik Erikson, dinosaurs, ancient siege warfare, philanthropic studies, and more.

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