Research and Creative Activity

Volume XXIII, Number 1,
April 2000

Exploring Languages


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Opening Up the World
by Rosemary Lloyd

A broad range and variety of languages–more than sixty are taught at Indiana University–can be studied for their intrinsic interest or because they are needed as vehicles for other branches of learning.
Renaissance Man
by Nick Riddle
One man’s passionate exploration of Italian culture has helped establish Italian cinema as a field of study in the English-speaking world.
A Matter of Negotiation
by Nick Riddle
The field of second-language acquisition at IU is being transformed from an activity based on drills to a more interactive, communicative experience.
Book of Changes
byWilliam Orem

The preservation of Creole, a nuanced language, is a task as complex as the many-sided history of Louisiana.
The Princess & Picard
by William Orem
Picard—an independent tongue descended side-by-side with French from Latin—provides an excellent case study in linguistics.
Multilayered Interpretation: Music and German Culture
by William Rozycki
Analysis drawing from the fields of musicology, Jewish studies, anthropology, folklore, art history, and German studies has helped recover a controversial layer of symbolism in Wagner’s operas.
Text, Culture, & Language
by William Rozycki
One has as many lives as one has languages.
Rescuing Yiddish for Future Generations
by Kathleen Mills
A growing number of young Jews explore their own cultural background through the study of Yiddish.
Discovering the Portugese Speaking World
by Nick Riddle
Many students are taking Portuguese to increase their chances of working in parts of the world that use the seventh most-common language.
An Uncommon Chance to Study Less-Common Languages
by Judi Hetrick

Dozens of the less-common languages—including Polish, Serbian and Croatian, Dutch, and even Mongolian—are alive and well at Indiana University Bloomington.
From Inquiry to Publication: Books by Indiana University Faculty Members Preview books on painting as a language, Sturge-Weber syndrome, logical positivism, high-yield pharmacology, film noir, cross cultural psychiatry,, globalization and governance, Fernando Pessoa, and more.

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