Indiana University      Research & Creative Activity      September 2000 • Volume XXIII Number 1




In the twenty-first century, synergies between fundamental and applied physics research promise new breakthroughs, comparable to the advent of relativity theory and quantum mechanics or the discovery of the fundamental parts of the atomic nucleus. This R&CA cover combines the fundamental and applied using images of the IU Cyclotron Facility, which has conducted basic research in the study of the atomic nucleus since 1975, and equations provided by IUPUI’s Zhe-Yu “Jeff” Ou, who studies the quantum behavior of light in pursuit of the still hypothetical, but truly revolutionary, quantum computer. The background and inset images of the cyclotron were taken by Paul Smedberg, of BCS Advertising in Bloomington, Ind. Smedberg was just eight years old when he attempted to build a cyclotron. He’s been fascinated with them ever since and has used images of the IUCF to create “The Cyclotron Labyrinth” online at

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