Indiana University       Research & Creative Activity       January 2001 • Volume XXIII, Number 3

About the Cover

Taken during a January, nearly sixty years ago, the image on this issue’s cover captures the location where many IU librarians worked in 1942. Beneath stirring words from Milton, librarians, students, and faculty entered IU’s Library Building from January 1908 until mid-1969.

Now known as Franklin Hall, the building was first occupied in December 1907. According to IU Library records, the university’s central library collection of some 64,000 volumes was moved from its former location in Maxwell Hall in just three days, considered to be a record at the time for a library of that size. IU President William Lowe Bryan chose the quote that still spans Franklin Hall’s front doors: “A good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit.”

Several of the images on this issue, including the one on the front cover, were provided courtesy of the Indiana University Archives, a department within the IU Libraries system. TheUniversity Archives houses some 14,000 cubic feet of records concerning IU from its creation to the present day.


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