Indiana University  Research & Creative Activity January 2001 • Volume XXIII Number 3

Volume XXIII, Number 3
January 2001



at Work


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Why Libraries?
by Suzanne E. Thorin
With so much information available digitally, do libraries still matter?
Inaccessible information loses its value. That's why IU librarians take extraordinary steps to retrieve information, even from the remote reaches of China.
Gilding the Lilly
by Nick Riddle

When South African playwright Athol Fugard was a young man, he threw the manuscript of his first novel into the Indian Ocean. These days, his papers reside safely in the Lilly Library at Indiana University, alongside a Guternberg Bible, a Shakespeare first folio, and the earlist sample of Abraham Lincoln's handwriting.

Water leaks, stovetop burns, canine teethmarks, even junk food pressed between pages — the IU Bloomington Libraries Preservation Department has seen it all in its fight to save threatened collections.
Preserving ancient Japanese texts and restoring historic state documents are all in a day's work in the life of a rare books' conservator.
Errol to the Rescue
by Marc D. Allan

Remember waiting ... and waiting ... for a copy of your course's reserved reading to become available? Now an advanced electronic reserve readings system at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis eliminates the wait for good.

IUCAT Prowls
the Web
by Lauren Bryant

A powerful new Web-based catalog features powerful searching, lots of links, and ready access to 5.5 million IU Library records.

A Lifelong Library
by Elizabeth Hunt

The Franklin Schurz Library fufills a mandate to serve the public in creative ways, from Internet training for business owners to accepting food donations in lieu of fines.
An Alternative Access
by William Rozycki
From Hoagy Carmichael's "Star Dust" to Cyrillic indexes, Indiana University's Digital Library Program is making an ever-widening range of materials available online.
From Sand to Steel
by Elizabeth Hunt

A unusual series of 1,900 images documenting the transformation of Gary, Ind., from sleepy village to "City of the Century" forms the "Steelmaker-Steeltown" exhibit, to open online in July 2001.

What good is a digital library, if users log off in a frustrated huff? An Indiana University Bloomington researcher studies the human dimensions of digital libraries.
How many copies of War and Peace can you find in the Indiana University system? How many books smaller than four inches are housed in IU's Lilly Library? Find out in this index of fast facts about IU's libraries.
Preview books on the many senses of beauty, the courage to hope, physics, freedom, globalization, and much more.

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