Indiana University  Research & Creative Activity April 2001 • Volume XXIV Number 1

Volume XXIV,
Number 1
April 2001


Musical Performance:
Magic and Mentors

Editor's Notes R&CA Abstracts
A Driving Passion
by Mark Ross Clark
What keeps a state university's School of Music at the top of the charts?
Roots and Wings
by Geoffrey Pollock
Professor-performers have a third role to fill—expert juggler of their academic and artistic lives.
If knowledge is power, then scholars of musicology and muisc theory provide punch to performances by teaching others about the history behind the musical notes.
No Art Is an Island
by Nick Riddle
Special symposia bring scholars and students together to examine performance from fresh angles.
In an unusual music degree program, students use digital technology to break new musical ground.
The Scenic Route
by Nick Riddle

If audiences applaud when the curtain goes up, some scenic designers are very disap-

Thunder and Lighting
by Nick Riddle

Putting on a show is an art, and that holds true for lighting and sound as much as for the performance on stage.
From auditions to final receipts, how and why does a public university put on a professional opera season?

A new approach to the spirit of performance rejuvenates the Indiana University Summer Music Festival.

A virtuoso violinist demonstrates the power of music in concerts around the world, but she finds her most important audience at home.

A Marathon Music Man
by Elizabeth Hunt

A renowned pianist finds a novel way to train his students and engage American audiences.
Preview books on multiracial politics, medicine, The Starr Report, religion, and more.

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