Volume XXIV,
Number 3
Spring 2002



Cover: "Unexpected Order" by Marc Frantz

Editor's Notes R&CA Abstracts

by Daniel Maki

The power of mathematics has never been more potent.
Got Math?
by Nick Riddle

Imagine a language that transcends nations, that expresses the very underpinnings of the universe.

Do you speak math?

Getting from A to B
by Lauren J. Bryant

Why aren't America's students learning to do the numbers, and how can it change?

A VIGRE-ous Start
by Nick Riddle

Graduate education in math equals math plus new skills in communication and collaboration.
Plays the

by Ceci Jones Schrock

Stocks, options, bonds—find out how a probability expert masters the math behind financial markets.

Following the Ink
by Lauren J. Bryant

A statistician tells historians something new about Galileo's work by analyzing the scientist's 17th- century ink.


by Lauren J. Bryant

Listen in as mathematicians describe the aesthetic, poetic world revealed through partial differential equations.

Calculating Vision
by Bruce Lilly

Applied mathematicians tackle all sorts of challenges, from fixing broken garage doors to creating bifocal lenses.

Going with the Flow
by Mary Hrovat

The Gulf Stream goes high-tech as mathematicians try to uncover how eddies form.


by Hal Kibbey

How can predictability and unpredictability coexist?

No Random Order
by Hal Kibbey

Searching for chaos, and order,
in a single dimension.
Strange Happenings
by Mary Hrovat
It's weird, but quantum computation may rule in the computers of the future.
Preview books on friendship and exile, wildflowers, Muslim life in Southeast Asia, terrorism in contemporary fiction, and more.
Astronomicum Caesareum, 1540

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