Indiana University Research & Creative Activity

25th Anniversary

Volume XXV Number 1
Fall 2002

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The Last Page

by George E. Walker

What crucial issues do research universities face in the 21st century? A longtime researcher and research administrator contemplates the question.

by Nancy Cassell McEntire

The summer solstice, a 90th birthday, a loved one's death—important dates in our lives are about "intensified remembering."

by Michael Wilkerson

An expert on how institutions affect humans considers the institution that has supported her career for more than 30 years.

by Eric Schoch

In the last 25 years, the study of biology has leaped from the dawn of recombinant DNA to the post-genomic era. How is this revolution changing the way biologists do their work?

by Lauren J. Bryant

Scholarly publishing goes post-Gutenberg—or does it?

A sculptor who seeks "universal wonder," a painter portraying the down-to-earth side of American cities, a master printer, an artist emulating natural forms in metals: Each is part of the long tradition of the 100-year-old Herron School of Art.

by Elizabeth Peterson

The new leader of the National Endowment for Humanities talks about democracy, money, and working in D.C.

by Ryan Whirty

So you think you're just not creative. Think again.

by Deborah Galyan

From her post in the Midwest, a writer recreates her hometown Los Angeles in prize-winning fiction.

by Elizabeth Hunt

Award-winning facilities and "a certain focus" make research life at Indiana University's Kokomo campus and other regional locations especially fruitful.

by Erika Knudson

They're skillful, intellectual, and busy researching everything from bacteria populations to pornography—and they haven't yet gotten their degrees.