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25th Anniversary

Volume XXV Number 1
Fall 2002

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Marc Jacobson

An associate professor of foundation studies and painting, Jacobson is inspired as much by musicians and composers as he is by other painters. Structure and rhythm are important elements in his works, which he describes as urban landscapes. "I like the way the down-to-earth American city subject sits in a painting," he says. In the places most people consider "the most crass aspects of American cities," Jacobson says he finds moments that are "especially full and expressive of something more important than the particular place."

Liquor Trucks

Liquor Trucks, 1995
Pastel and gesso on paper
19 in. x 42 in.

Stadium Drive

Stadium Drive, 2000
Oil on panel
51/2 in. x 91/4 in.

Fieldhouse Construction

Fieldhouse Construction, 1999
Oil on panel
10 in. x 41/4 in.