Indiana University Research & Creative Activity

25th Anniversary

Volume XXV Number 1
Fall 2002

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David Morrison

Morrison's recent works raise questions about beauty. "Iconic Totems focuses on iconic objects and the roles they play in contemporary society," says the associate professor of printmaking. "The work describes beauty as it is seen by different generations." Fallen Seeds and Homage to Found Leaf, Morrison says, reorganize fallen patterns of natural objects into designs that "reexamine the beauty of nature."

Homage to Found Leaf

Homage to Found Leaf, 2002
Colored pencil on paper
8 in. x 5 in.

Iconic Totems--Bracelet No. 1

Iconic Totems--Bracelet No. 1, 2002
Acrylic and colored pencil on paper
13 in. x 16 in.

Fallen Seeds

Fallen Seeds, 2001
Eight-color lithograph
11 in. x 12 in.