Indiana University Research & Creative Activity

25th Anniversary

Volume XXV Number 1
Fall 2002

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Editor's Notes

Anniversaries often celebrate survival, the success of staying put in a job, an organization, a marriage, a place, a life, for yet another year. It's no mean feat, this persistence, as IU Bloomington Distinguished Professor of English Scott Russell Sanders describes in his book Staying Put (1993): "I am talking about an active commitment, not a passive lingering. . . . If you stay put through cowardice rather than conviction, you will have no strength to act. Strength comes . . . from aligning yourself with the grain of your place and answering to its needs."

Twenty-five years ago, Homer A. Neal, then Indiana University dean for research and graduate development, saw a need to "raise the level of awareness of the research capabilities of the university and stimulate research across traditional disciplinary boundaries." His commitment to creating community among colleagues and to spreading the word about the university's good works took the form of this magazine.

Research & Creative Activity has stayed put since then, publishing continuously for the last quarter-century with generous support from the IU Foundation, the IU Alumni Association, and most especially, IU's Office of Research and the University Graduate School.

A long line of able editors and writers have nurtured the magazine, from its first 14-page, black-and-white version to its present incarnation. What has made the magazine, though, is what, and who, it has been about--the IU faculty and their ongoing achievements. Consider this issue a commemorative scrapbook, then, or perhaps a photo album--in its pages, we collect only a few snapshots of IU artists, writers, scientists, and scholars who are keenly, actively committed to the life of this research institution.

Few celebrations are complete without some sort of gift--as our gift to R&CA's readers, we offer a fresh design in these pages and on our Web site: The redesigned formats in print and online give us some exciting new ways to tell IU's artistic and academic stories--we hope you enjoy them.