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The Art and Science of Medicine

Volume XXVI Number 1
Fall 2003

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Biotechnology and Research Training Center, IU School of Medicine
Photo by IU School of Medicine Office of Public and Media Relations

Bricks and Mortar

With the opening of two new research buildings in 2003, the Indiana University School of Medicine has set the stage for doubling of the schoolĂs research enterprise by 2012. To do this, the school will need to fund and build new research facilities in Indianapolis and at its regional centers for medical education, recruit new investigators, and help them be productive.

The new Biotechnology Research and Training Center houses several of the schoolĂs research core facilities in areas such as genomics and proteomics. The Research II building houses the Center for Biological Microscopy, the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, the Walther Oncology Center, and the Indiana Center of Excellence in Biomedical Imaging.

School of Medicine leaders have prepared a research business plan for the development of more than a million square feet of research space in the next 10 years ¤ with 240,000 square feet to be built at the regional centers for medical education. During that time the school will be working to attract nearly 400 new researchers¤ about a third of these scientists would work at the regional campuses. By 2012, the school hopes to be receiving more than $200 million annually in research funds from the National Institutes of Health¤up from $99 million in fiscal year 2003.

The school has built a foundation for research growth with the help of the Indiana Genomics Initiative, which was funded by two grants totaling $155 million from the Lilly Endowment.

The Indiana General Assembly gave its support to the research effort this year by authorizing the sale of bonds for three additional buildings¤$15 million for the $40 million Medical Information Sciences Building in Indianapolis, $33 million for the $83 million Research III building in Indianapolis, and $14 million for a new facility to house research and academic programs at the Fort Wayne Center for Medical Education.