Please Help the RCCPB Build More Bridges

December 19, 2013

Dear Friends:

As we come to end of one year and turn the page to the next, I hope this note finds you healthy and happy. This has been a most eventful year for the RCCPB, which I have been fortunate enough to direct since our founding almost seven years ago.

In this short time span we have, by experiment and trial, found our true identity and what sets us apart. Instead of reaching for everything China, we sit squarely at the intersection of Chinese politics and the world of business. Our strategy is to identify critical topics in dire need of better understanding and providing the intellectual framework, funding, and platform for teams of scholars from the US, China and elsewhere to collaborate. Our goal is to provide thought leadership by breaking new ground and setting an agenda for others to follow. All of our efforts are meant not only to shape the academic discussion but to bridge the discussion among scholars, policymakers, industry, and other stakeholders. And finally, through our Beijing office, we are able to carry out research and engage those beyond the scholarly community year-round.

The benefits of our tight intellectual focus, research strategy, bridging role, and China presence have demonstrated themselves in our Initiative on China and Global Governance. The project generated 30 working papers, 3 books, a major policy report, 4 international conferences, 6 policy meetings, and 7 roundtables between Chinese business leaders and US officials. The result is a much greater understanding about how Chinese are moving from being ruletakers to rulemakers in the international system and what this means for everyone.

We expect to have an even larger impact through the new Initiative on Philanthropy in China, which we are leading together with the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The 3-year program involves 10 research projects, 3 conferences, multiple publications, roundtable discussions with Chinese NGOs and foundations, the only course in the US on philanthropy in China, an internship program, and our own philanthropic activity to address a current social problem in China.

In a few short years, the RCCPB has nurtured a small yet committed staff, attracted over a dozen IU faculty to be senior associates, established a vibrant presence in China, and built partnerships with leading experts at top centers of research in the US, China, Europe, Japan, and Australia. We have also benefited from the generosity and guidance of our advisory board members, Indiana University, and the Henry Luce and Ford Foundations, without whose support we would not be able to pursue our mission. The launching of IU's School of Global & International Studies will only provide us a greater opportunity to reach new heights.

As you take a moment this holiday season to reflect on the world as it is and as it could be, we hope you will keep the RCCPB in your thoughts. Please consider how our approach and programs uniquely address issues central to China and the world by building bridges between multiple communities. I hope you will see the center is exactly the kind of voice that is needed and that you would be proud to support. Making a donation takes just a few clicks by following the link below. If you prefer, feel free to contact me directly to discuss how your support could be best put to use.

Many thanks to one and all for your caring and support,

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Scott Kennedy